The Light Exercise

You might be wondering: What exactly is ‘The Light Exercise’? Well, the answer is quite simple. It’s a global movement of light. The Light Exercise is a Healing Movement. It is a global movement that will start on Saturday August 19th. The Light Exercise derives from the simple principle that it only ever takes 1 candle to light up a 1000! This exercise is for an indefinite period and it takes place at a specific time and day, once a month, every month. The Light Exercise has the energetic potency to Lighten Up and heal your day, your month and eventually your entire life. Yes, it is now the time for us to start lightening up and healing our world.

Expect Miracles

By being a part of the Light Circle you can expect to start seeing many miracles take place in your own everyday life. And you won’t have to leave your home for this. In order to experience miracles in our life, we must develop a grateful heart. The Light Exercise program is developed to help and teach you to evolve and become a grateful person. The more grateful we become, the more miracles we will experience. Please sign up now and we will send you all the further details. Join our movement!

The Light Circle

Every month we form a circle around the world and we now invite you to become a part of this circle of light. Yes, every month, once a month, once a day, at the exact same time, we form a light circle around the world. And the beauty of this light circle movement, is that it is totally free! Choose to Be the Light and Join our movement!


Helping Humanity Evolve to a Higher Level